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Organic pancake mix reflects family values

We began as a small custom bakery in Prairieville, La., in 2012

Gold Coast Traditions is a family-owned organic dry mix food production company based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The business had its start as a little custom bakeshop in Prairieville, Louisiana, in 2012. I’ve always had a passion for get-togethers that would allow me the chance to plan a fun menu. The bakeshop was an opportunity to provide others with creative goodies for their own celebrations.

Our family has always been active, and over time as we became more serious about good nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle, we also transitioned the business to help others do the same. The business recently relocated to a new facility in Baton Rouge dedicated to the production of organic food products. Even though some things changed for us, our traditions didn’t.


Gold Coast Traditions organic pancake mix facility

In 2017 we opened our new organic manufacturing facility located in Baton Rouge, La.

Traditions run deep here in South Louisiana. One simple one that our family has enjoyed for years is pancakes on Saturday morning. It was important to us to provide good nutrition for our kids, which is so much easier when they like the taste of the food! Saturday morning became a win-win situation when I learned how to make our favorite pancake breakfast where they loved the taste, and I felt good about what we were eating.

We wanted to invite you to join in our breakfast tradition by sharing this family recipe with you.  When it comes to mealtime in Louisiana, the more the merrier!

-Jennifer (Founder)